From Battling Failure, Doubt, To Developing a Tenacious Successful Business.

Hi, my name is Don I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.Donald Otieno forbes I’m a child of immigrants from Kenya to the United Kingdom where I currently live.

I come from a working-class family, with both parents in the medical field. Growing up, I was taught to aim for a good-paying job, most preferably in the medical field following after my parents.

I was taught to keep my head down work hard, live frugally, pursue a job.


However, I have never settled with this idea. And if you are a reader of my blog, chances are you are the same.

I went to Kingston University for a business media and culture course which I choose because of a drive to get into the business.

I knew that I would launch my own business in the future, it was just a matter of time.

This decision became more cemented after I had my first ever job.

To earn money I took a job at a local supermarket doing nightshifts. The job was tough and unforgiving to my sleep patterns and overall health.  I remember preparing to go to work late in the evening and coming home in the morning extremely tired.

I knew I could not sustain this for long, however, I remember feeling even more compelled to start my own business.


The First Epiphany

While doing a night shift one day, I was stacking these massive stacks of drinks onto a shelf, during Christmas eve, all alone, at 4.00 am in the morning.

I knew that even though I will not be working on Christmas day, I would be too tired to spend the day with my family. This feeling of fatigue, and frankly anger hit home. I remember feeling extremely low, thinking to myself, what am I doing.

This is where I had a realization I needed to be my own boss, by starting my own business. The idea of being an entrepreneur never sounded as good as it did that day. 

I knew one thing was sure. The tough repetitive, night shift took the joy out of me and I couldn’t continue it.

Out of the sheer hatred for my job, a drive built up in me and hunger that I never knew before.

This idea became a commitment I made to myself.  Some of the colleagues  I was surrounded with were a great inspiration to take this leap.  A few of them had big goals ahead and since we were mostly all in our 20’s we all could relate to each other’s struggle.

There was one who was an aspiring filmmaker who was just using this job to finances his next project. I had another colleague Who I was working hard to finance a trip around the world and hopefully discover himself.

I remember waking up late in the evening I’m thinking to myself there’s no way I’m going to work today. However, I could not afford not too. I knew I had to have a way out for myself.

This is when I stumbled across my first business. Search engine optimization or SEO. At the time there was only a handful of people teaching this.

Having learned a bit about SEO started i created my first affiliate website about photography. 

Looking back when I was choosing this niche, it was a terrible choice because I knew nothing about photography and was making the decision purely for the sake of making money and fast. 

Not too long after creating this website, I realized how much my lack of knowledge and passion for the subject made it hard to connect to my audience.  At some point, i realized I was beating a dead horse, however, I was not discouraged, because i knew other people were seeing success doing blogging. I just had to pivot my self better. 

I decided to switch to Providing SEO services to business.  

This business model only lasts for so long as it was very time consuming, also cost me quite a lot of money to find links.I ended up losing money instead of making.

At the time I was quite desperate to raise capital and to quit my job and so I would search online for the next best thing that will help me do that. This is where I landed myself into stock trading. I was willing to throw money at anything and see if it will stick. Now in hindsight looking back, I know this was the perfect Recipe For Disaster. At the time.

I was introduced to a stock trade through a friend.

This stock trader promised to double my money within three months. Out of sheer desperateness since he was recommended by a friend I trusted. Long story short that ended up to be a terrible investment as all the money was lost instead and which happens to be a very big blow and my pocket.