About Us


Do you have the tenacity to go for what you want to achieve with commitment and focus? If you are the same as me stick around.

Here at the tenacious entrepreneurs.

I’m on a mission to help 10000 people make a part-time or full-time transition from working the 9-5 to a fully functioning  online business that allows them to live a fuller, freeing and healthier happy life..

One thing  that has allowed me to do this for myself is the following of proven Systems for Success with a pioneering spirit.

Before I explain what I do you need to know why I do it.

There are many Tom, Dick & Harry’s online, so its natural to have questions on some basic things…

“this real? legit?”

“Is this gonna be another get rich quick BS scam on the internet?”

“Who am I anyway??”

Before I talk about Myself,  Lets see if YOU can relate to any of these:

  • Your 9-5 got you Frustrated and feeling trapped
  • Don’t like the sound of alarm clocks waking you up just to join the rush hour traffic
  • Longing to have freedom to spend your time on things that matter to you
  • Thinking, if only you have more time to spend out with family or friends
  • Would like to travel like you’ve always wanted to
  • Salary defined by others
  • Wondering if this is all there is to life..

You are in the right place if this is you.

Not to long ago was i where you are right now.

I was always waiting for the weekends and wishing they were longer.

In reality what was happening Included…

  • Running the rat race
  • Constant anxiety over debts and finances
  • About two weeks vacation a year
  • Working night shifts
  • Never enough time, money, or freedom to do the things that really made  me happy

Are you ready for a new way of doing things?… If you are , if you can commit, things are about to change for the better.

Hi, my name is Don I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.
I’m a child of immigrants to the United Kingdom where I lived most of my life. As a normal working-class family. I was taught to keep my head down work hard live frugally, pursue a job.

I graduated from university from a business media culture course. One of my first ever jobs I was working for at a local supermarket doing nightshifts. I hated preparing to go to work late in the evening and coming home in the morning extremely tired.

I knew I could not sustain this for long. Therefore with the little time, I had during the day that I would research online on how to start my own business.

The First Epiphany

I remember my first job is where the realization of entrepreneurship really hit home. It was a tough job, very repetitive, frankly, working night shift took the joy out of me. I noticed that many of my colleagues had one thing in common. They all had big goals ahead since we were mostly all Young. There was one who was an aspiring filmmaker who was just using this job to finances his next project. I had another colleague Who I was working hard to finance a trip around the world and hopefully discover himself.

I remember waking up late in the evening I’m thinking to myself there’s no way I’m going to work today. However, I could not afford not too. I knew I had to have a way out for myself.

This is when I stumbled across my first business. Search engine optimization or SEO. At the time there was only a handful of people teaching this.

Having learned a bit about SEO my Focus was to provide services for other SEO businesses. So, for example, I would sell link Building Services, this is where someone would pay me for them to have there are website ranked on Google using links that I would link to the website.

This business model only lasts for so long as it was very time consuming, also cost me quite a lot of money to find links.I ended up losing money instead of making.

At the time I was quite desperate to raise capital and to quit my job and so I would search online for the next best thing that will help me do that. This is where I landed myself into stock trading. I was willing to throw money at anything and see if it will stick. Now in hindsight looking back, I know this was the perfect Recipe For Disaster. At the time.

I was introduced to a stock trade through a friend.

This stock trader promised to double my money within three months. Out of sheer desperateness since he was recommended by a friend I trusted. Long story short that ended up to be a terrible investment as all the money was lost instead and which happens to be a very big blow and my pocket.

Discouraged at the time,